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    Common AC Problems

    Common AC Problems Charlotte

    Air conditioning units are vital to having a comfortable lifestyle. They keep our homes, apartments, and workplaces comfortable, even if the temperature is soaring outside. It could be as humid as possible outside and the temperatures could be in the hundreds, but our trusty AC units will keep it relatively dry and at a comfortable temperature inside. These units work harder than our cars do most of the time, and unfortunately, all this wear and tear can cause some serious problems. These are the most common problems that Charlotte AC repair companies get called in to fix:

    When the AC isn’t really cooling the home
    If the AC unit isn’t spewing out cold air when you turn it on, you need a professional Charlotte AC repair company to take a look at it. There are many different things that could cause your unit to malfunction like this. It could be as simple as wiping off a dirty piece or as difficult as a broken one that needs to be replaced.

    Frozen units
    The point of getting an AC is to keep the home cold – but watching your AC unit freeze itself is ironic and annoying. When the unit freezes, you run the risk of having some electrical problems, so it’s best to turn it off right away and let it melt. Sometimes this may be as simple as wiping off a dirty filter, but you may need to call in the Charlotte AC repair company to figure out if it’s anything else, like broken coils or short-circuiting pieces.

    * Free estimates on equipment replacement only.