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    The Truth About Air Filters

    HVAC Filters

    Can a filter actually work to good for its own good? That is my opinion when it comes to air filters. If you have ever shopped for one you know there is a big price difference between the regular cheap mesh filters and the expensive pleated filters. The truth of the matter is, that unless ...

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    My Compressor is Dead, What should I do?

    AC stopped working Charlotte

    When a major air conditioner component dies, we are faced with a dilemma – should we replace the part or replace the entire unit? This is a question that doesn’t have a straight, one size fits all answer, but here are a few steps to take that will help you narrow down your decision and ...

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    Backup AC Repair Service

    AC Repair Service

    Imagine if you’re working steadily at work, your productivity is shooting up, and suddenly the AC unit stops working. These things never happen on cool, comfortable days – they always happen when the unit is working too hard, which means you’ll likely be stuck on a blazing summer day and the humidity will be sky-high. ...

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